Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday - 2:30 PM

Last night Teresa began to have severe pain in her leg. They are worried about either a blog clot or some other problem from the epidural. Unfortunately though they don't seem to be doing anything about it (they gave her a heat compress? I mean, come on). Bethany has stopped eating like she should and has jaundice. Joseph had it so bad he was hospitalized for a week until his bilirubun levels came down. I'm glad Bethany is here in the hospital while she has it, but they still haven't put her under a light. I'm going to have to go kick tail if they don't get there act together.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures (at last)

Wednesday - 7:20 AM

I am hoping to find the right cable for our camera soon so I can post pictures! We got to sleep about 3am this morning. Bethany fed off an on for 2 1/2 hours and finally we sent her to the nursery for a supplemental feeding. They kept her there until 7am this morning and now she is gone for labwork. New babies are so draining on ones energy, but they are so much fun. Even though someone else is in charge of my school tonight, I will try to be there to help where I can (if I am awake).

Bethany has lost 6 oz which is normal for a new baby. Her skin is chaffed and a little burned because she was overdue, and it is very dry in here. That is the only worry at this point, so we are very blessed with a healthy baby.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday - 10:14 PM

After the delivery Teresa was moved into the recovery room at about 8:30AM this morning. Bethany slept until 1:00PM and Teresa fed her again. She had a very dirty diaper and peed on the bed, which means she is getting enough to eat. She was gagging on the mucus in her throat a couple of times but we were able to clean it out. I got a ride home at about 2:00 this afternoon and crashed until 7:00 PM tonight. I got up, shaved my beard (3 days growth), showered and feel 100% better. We just ordered cottage inn pizza and Bethany is feeding again. She is a darling and I can tell she is a fighter. She will definitely beat up on Joseph before he knows what's happened to him. Joseph gets to meet her first thing in the morning when Grandma comes by. Joseph and I will go home and get the apartment ready for Bethany's homecoming.

Teresa is still experiencing pain and cramping which is normal after delivery, but didn't tear (woo hoo!). The bleeding we believe is slowing, and the doctor will be here in the morning to check on both of them.

More on the Delivery

At about 5:45 AM the "team" was called into the room. Our doctor checked how far down the head was and about 6:00 AM had Teresa push. After the first push the head was out, and after the second push at 6:05 our whole Bethany was out. I cut the cord and then the baby was brought right over to be cleaned up. It took about 20 minutes to check everything (fingers and toes) and then Mommy got her daughter. Eventually Bethany fell asleep and I was able to hold her for a while. We are getting ready to leave for the regular room for the next two days. We simply need to pray that she eats enough and regularly, and that we can get her blood sugars higher (they are very low right now). I've been up since 8:00 AM yesterday, so once I know everything is good with mommy and baby I will zonk out.

Tuesday - 6:05 AM

Bethany Anne Janke
7 lbs & 1.5oz
21 1/4 inches long

Tuesday - 5:40 AM

Pushing should begin soon. :)

Hopefully this blog has given some of you soon to be moms and dads some perspective.

Tuesday - 5:20 AM

Her doctor is here and they have broken the water bag. They are worried right now about a cord around the neck and the fact the baby had its first bowel movement - which they believe at this point happened due to stress.

Tuesday - 4:40 AM

I will be leaving you when the babies water breaks, but right now they have to reflush an IV drip - as it has stopped to keep fluids moving. This is a very painful process. Keep those prayers coming!

Tuesday - 4:30 AM

The doctor is on his way. They have prepared the room for the delivery, put Teresa in position for delivery, prepared the baby monitors and turned the heat on. Tools are out and ready. They are putting in a catheter right now.

Tuesday - 4:19 AM

9cm / 90% water is ready to break. Oooooh boy. (OR GIRL)

Tuesday - 3:32

6cm / 80%

Tuesday - 3:24 AM

Teresa is doing better now. The epidural has kicked in and we are in full blown labor.

Tuesday - 2:45 AM

Someone came in to start an epidural. Apparently the completely blotched it on the first try. Second try he seemed to get it in but Teresa continues to be in severe pain.

Tuesday - 2:00 AM

Cramps and hip pain is so severe we are getting an epidural for Teresa. Say some prayers!

Tuesday - 1:30 AM

Officially got yelled at for the first time. We must be close!

Tuesday - 1:12 AM

The Waiting Game

The contractions are very painful when they come every 6-8 minutes. Active labor isn't quite here yet, but sleep will be nil as hard as the contractions are. We are just trying to take it easy and work and pray through the worst of the pain.

Tuesday - 12:32 AM

Contractions are coming stronger and faster now. They are checking her again and considering breaking her water.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday - 11:30 PM

Back from walking. Starting to get tired. So far so good! I will post some pre-birth pictures soon.

Monday - 11:07 PM

The nurse drew blood and put in the one IV drip Teresa needs. Now we are going for a short walk.

Monday - 10:40 PM

I went to the hospital cafe to get Teresa a salad (her last meal before delivery). She is watching TV and eating. Holy crap hospital food is $$$. $6 for a tiny salad and ham and cheese.

Monday - 10:10 PM

Doctor came back in and checked for any progress. They are recommending starting an induction drug to increase contractions and dilation.

Monday - 9:15 PM

The first doctor has come into the room to ask more targeted questions. Teresa's doctor will be here later. Watching the new episode of House MD

Monday - 9:00 PM

For the ladies who know what this means:


Monday - 8:30 PM

Contractions are coming regularly, but the water has not broke yet. Teresa is eating ice chips and watching TLC.

Monday - 7:50 PM

Teresa's all comfy, watching TV and eating Popsicles. Hubby is officially on "run and get it" duty. In the meantime I'm writing notes for work for those who will have to take my place as Director of Education in the next couple of days.

I'm really disappointed I won't be at the bishops installation Mass tomorrow. He was the only priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit to celebrate the TLM Mass.

Monday - 7:43 PM

Teresa has been hooked up to the baby monitors to establish a baseline.

Monday - 7:30 PM

Answering basic nursing and health questions. Teresa is almost euphoric - no pain, laughing, answering questions, standing up.

Baby Janke Updates Live!

7:00 PM - We are now in the delivery room. Waiting for further instructions. Teresa will be induced tonight.